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Shenzhen Dragons is a non-commercial community of foreign football players from different countries. The Dragons was formed in December 2015 by foreign football lovers from Senegal, Brazil, Ukraine, China and Russia. We focus on 8 aside amateur football in Funtian and Nanshan districts, but we are always up for any competitive 5 aside tournaments at other locations. We have won the 3rd place in our first 5 aside tournament - Shaoshang Bei and the 2nd place in Gongcheng Yanyi warming up 5 aside tournament. Our goal is to take a part in popularizing a football in Shenzhen and to win all the amateur competitions around Shenzhen. In 2016 our target is to win SIAFL (Shenzhen International Amateur Football League). Our official sponsors are Zhouka (China leading design and manufacturing of football kits) and MSI (a world leading gaming brand).

Last fixtures

WhenType VS
7/25 Mon 20:30 Xiang Mi Hu 7x7 Friendly W Dragons 10:5 VS Devils
7/21 Thu 20:30 Xiang Mi Hu 7x7 Friendly D Dragons 7:7 VS Teng Kids Academy
7/18 Mon 20:30 Xiang Mi Hu 7x7 Friendly L Dragons 12:14 VS Devils
7/11 Mon 20:30 Xiang Mi 8x8 SIAFL L Dragons 4:6 VS Lions
7/7 Thu 20:30 Xiang Mi Hu 7x7 Friendly L Dragons 4:5 VS Lunatics

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SIAFL Week 9

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Video about SZ Dragons in Guangdong Sport TV

SIAFL match against Tigers FC (July 2016).

SZ Dragons vs ShenZhen Tigers